I remember my caterpillar experience

Rosemary Flutur

Behind what I can’t
Bring into focus is
Maybe you or
A small truth I’m
Finding in
Certain places like
The blindspot
In a rearview mirror or
The light on in
Another room
I guess I am the fool I guess
I am the soupy wings of
A butterfly forming
It’s nice this heightened
Vulnerability and that
I need it to transform
I am sleeping
Without dreaming
I am failing towards
Something big
Still space
Between us
No longer being like
Is it time
To peel it open
I love to not know and
Get the deep kick that
Makes me cry or
Write something down
It keeps happening
I praise the image forming
And loving blindness
Exploding behind the veil
Like taking care
And saying thanks
Before I leave
For good

Rosemary Flutur is a writer based in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal.