Two poems

Tiziana La Melia

Heart core

Did ordinary furs fund
scenic fonds in
peace valley?

change my mind

mythic tufts
grow claws and will
we reconnect
at the end of the freeway?

cinched sky
let’s truce
Did you click send?

Heaven yearns
pose with Psyche
blitz running

I’m over thinking it.
Believe in love?
I think

Is the glove of god protection?

Tilt the phone up and show my hooded self
below the waist
my shades of faun.

Cartoon my soul to the grotto at the gut of citadel heights
ancient Pine
clipped road

Meet me at the ocean?

Mit tends
tiny cell
pinky up



point down
point up
curvy point
smile Smile Smile SMILE SMILE
Smile smile smile Smile-smile smile
distant smile
trinity of hands
trinity of smile
LOOK up up up up up up up up
smile with eyes
smile up
smile up up
smile melt up
Smile vertical
Grip grip grip point north point west

Tiziana La Melia is an artist and poet born in Palermo and based in Vancouver. She is currently working on a project titled The Simple Life: a drama between mice and a poetry album titled Kletic Kink.