Eternity tree I see daily

Zoe Brezsny

Sanguine song   mugwort fronds


along the roadside


predict inner wisdom


a melody so true it bursts the heart open


                 red berries float suspended


                 in the crystalline web

                 of your brilliant ideas


         my invisible friends

warm and wet behind the eyes



Tiger star Lily self


Sacral Redwood Grove


love burning at your core


                 symbolic order


                 bird on shoulder


tumbling green

emerald oracle


1 800-sacred presence


                   on the wall


 rainbow tunnel


         slipknot duality


breast braid bread braid


divine ribbon shaped like an almond






erotic hum   dust  welling up


to greet you


golden plates

 that spell out




gurgling water flows


                            into an infinite bowl


guardians of the soma


 I wish on your intuition


                                                 paranoia dissolves


radiant foxgloves of your thoughts



my calm self knows not herself


                           azure drifting


washing my face                       in a sustained tone                            (deeper than the void)


tingly whispering                         and applying different lip gloss


sheet of shining hair                 cosmic flashing brush


                                     blowing in the wind

Zoe Brezsny is a poet living in New York. She is working on a mixtape called psych trance intuition. She records a weekly meditation for WFMU radio and is the author of the zine Earthworks (Land and Sea Press) and Ecstasy (Topos Press), an audio cassette of poems with Ben Fama.