Call Me Rhonda

Dorothea Lasky

Little pieces of shells
I wake and everything
Is orange and yellow again


I just want to be a letter again
I wake and call him
There are so many ways to go


There was a time
That I loved the sunset
More than I loved to remember


When you love someone
It’s hard to think about
Anything else but the sun


When it’s your day
And all you can do
Is to sit there


Yellow gold painted
In the lock of the day
That is forever


Finally what was left
Were a set of pieces
Forgive me


Rhonda call me quickly
And when I leave
Call me again


There was a time
When I could barely
Think of anything else


I dreamt of an ochre sea
It called back
In the time of greed


Finally what I left
Was everything
I needed to dream


Call me again
Yellow and red
Pieces in the wood

Dorothea Lasky is the author of seven books of poetry and prose, including Animal (Wave Books). She lives in New York City.